Selah: Pause and Reflect
by Sharon Dexter
Stratton Press

"Slip into the center
Where your soul is at rest
Beyond the strain
To peace and joy,
At home,
With God."

Sharon Dexter’s book of devotional poetry is aptly named. With three main sections plus introductory and concluding poems, it invites the reader to share the author’s reflections on her personal relationship with Christ. Dexter’s poetic themes reside in the everyday experiences of the believer—those extraordinary, mundane, ritualistic, magical moments that mark life on earth. It is in the common daily struggles that Dexter discovers her personal relationship with Christ. Universal struggles concerning personal motives, distractions, insecurities, and doubts are explored as the author examines her relationship with Christ and how it affects her relationship with others.

Consisting of love songs to Christ, reflections on King David’s Psalms, and Dexter’s musings on faith, evil, and the world's difficulties, the reader is asked to consider not only the poet’s thoughts but his/her own relationship with God. These poems are not philosophical treatises, nor do they contain existential arguments drawing one into a deeper intellectual understanding of faith. Evident in each poem is the sincere desire to share the personal encounter with Christ, giving the book a simple and honest intimacy.

Though these poems deal with faith in its most conventional aspect, the faith shared within them is not one that hasn’t been tested. Dexter writes of a time in her life when she faced doubt and lacked belief. For those who have come to faith after great struggles, this book offers a lovely testament to the power of redemption. Straightforward and unpretentious, Dexter’s verse is accessible to readers who struggle with poetry as well as those who enjoy the genre.

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