"Many persons view old-age and modern religions as the only pathways into God’s kingdoms. Little do they realize that other pathways exist; furthermore, some are more advanced than old-age and modern religions based on how far into God’s kingdoms one can reach."

Rose states that God lives on “floor twelve of a spiritual mansion”; our earthly existence occupies the first floor. The author has created a chart illustrating that old-age and modern religions (based on intellect) and psychic methods (based on intuition) can only bring a person to the 4th floor, or level, whereas with the Advanced Religion that he prefers, one can begin at the 5th level and eventually attain the 12th level, becoming a Co-Worker for God. Differences between the advanced method and the lower ones include how often worship is performed (daily, weekly, or unknown) and the mechanisms used. Whereas the intellectual method uses concepts of spirituality based on the physical universe, and the psychic method uses yoga, clairvoyance and awakening through the chakras, Advanced Religion utilizes subjective experimentation, Soul Travel and studying with a Living Master. Paul Twitchell, who introduced Eckankar in 1965, was, the author believes, a living master of that path. Eckankar teaches that the quest for higher awareness, substituting higher virtues for low human emotions, will lead to God awareness if the seeker persists.

The author, who has devoted 20 years to the study of spirituality through the teachings of Eckankar and Rosicrucianism, has a straightforward, logical way of presenting his ideas. He does not proselytize or insist that his way is the only way, but asserts that if followed, Advanced Religion can yield results beyond what is usually understood as religious experience. He offers a few simple exercises that aspirants can try to achieve a sense of communication with God and says that Advanced Religion must be a daily practice. Offering ideas that will be new to many, Rose's book can be helpful to those seeking information on how to access God’s kingdom and share in God’s work.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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