Sermons for the Separated
by Prof. Donald F Megnin, Ph.D.
Trafford Publishing

"There is no finer testimony to what you believe than by the life that you live."

Megnin's sermons resonate with compassion, humility, and wisdom lending his readers a place to contemplate humanity's purpose and challenges. His words are inspired by his own journey and meditations not only on Christianity but other faiths as well. One sees a curious mind devoted to his faith, but also open to exploring and learning from others. The sermons laid out in this collection were written some time ago. They illustrate the path the author walked to find his own way in the world, and readers are invited to share in that journey as a quiet observer of his thoughts and hopes.

The sermons are often an intellectual rumination on a particular idea or life of a person such as John Wesley, government, leadership among many other topics. Spiritual themes resonate throughout, but there is never an air of condescension, egotism, nor an element of preaching. What deepens the writing is the author's personal thoughts which he blends beautifully together for a rich contextual understanding of each of the subjects he discusses with wisdom and humility. The result for the reader is a bit of an education, but also an opportunity to see the inner workings of the author's beliefs and how he achieved them.

The writing itself is clear and concise making for an enjoyable yet informative read. This collection will inspire its readers to strive for an ongoing understanding and improvement of both themselves and the world in which they live. This book is for anyone seeking a spiritual and intellectual connection in their internal and external life.

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