Sharptop Gullipop and the Fairies of Bodium
by Lillian J. Grigsby

"Fellow Fut’emen
It’s our extinction we’re being led
Uncaring actions, quite bothersome
Accounted from some neighbors in our homestead"

In the bizarre but peaceful kingdom of Bodium, various races of fairies walk along the Precious Stone Road of Eternal Life in a pilgrimage with the Most High Creator. These fairies are primarily from two main tribes: the Hahn’emon clan which loves to laugh, play, and give thanks to the Creator, and the Fut’emen clan which prefers to think of itself as more self-made and capable of controlling Bodium from their headquarters in the Metatarsus Kingdom. The Creator selects Poppo as the leader of the Hahn’emon and bestows Ma’Knowledge to him, entrusting him to lead the Hahn’emon on a journey to Metatarsus. Poppo, his friend Sharptop, and their families and friends head into potentially dangerous territory in order to spread the faith of their beloved Most High Creator and maintain peace throughout Bodium.

While the morals of this story are traditional, and many elements of the narrative feel like familiar fantasy concepts, this is a book unlike any other. Full of surreal details and unique characters, the author has created in Bodium a world that challenges the reader’s imagination in a way very few works of fiction do. In this way, the aspects of this book that feel more familiar provide the reader with something they know how to process when learning about new worlds, types of creatures, and terminology. The underpinning of this story is its morality and faith-based characters, and the author’s one-of-a-kind vision is what separates it from its peers. It can sometimes be a bit of a mental exercise to follow along with each exciting new area and curious character, but this book provides a journey all its own.

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