Sin of Ambition
by Mary M. McNaughton

"Money, position, power. The very attributes that frightened her were drawing her closer every day."

Meg Newport dreams of overcoming an arduous childhood and creating a life of luxury and refinement. Having suffered severe burns on her neck and shoulder as a child, she longs for the opportunity to have reconstructive surgery, believing that the scarring is holding her back from being propelled out of her middle-class lifestyle into the upper echelon of society. Meg’s resolve to obtain wealth and status motivates her to excel at her workplace, attracting the attention of the Holts, a family of prosperous hotel owners. The Holts welcome her into their world of opulence and prestige, but her association comes with a caveat: a romantic relationship with their discontented son. She is determined to earn her master’s degree in business administration and work her way through the corporate hierarchy to obtain her own fortune. Aligning herself with the Holts is certain to bring her the success she desperately seeks, but it will mean surrendering to a life on their terms.

McNaughton is in her element with this captivating novel that examines the divide between social class structures. The author skillfully unravels a cautionary tale of misguided ambition and the sacrifices required when ego and desire collide. While wealth and status are the nucleus of the theme, physical beauty and an exploration of family relationships also heavily influence the narrative. The backdrop of rural Canada against the bustling city of Seattle symbolizes Meg’s conflict of balancing her domestic role of wife and mother against building a prominent career. Readers will be enthralled by the unpredictable sequence of events that spiral the plot as Meg struggles to move past her personal aspirations and discover the richness in generosity, proving that love is her most valuable asset.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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