Soul Therapy: A Game of Intuition
by Jean Quintana

"We are all connected. Everyone is intuitive to some degree."

Promoting a simple game that promises to improve your inner psychic abilities, this book is targeted toward those who believe in the importance of intuition in personal development. Quintana has devised playing cards, twelve in number, with color as the identifier for each. She describes in vivid terms the symbolic significance of each color: blue represents communications, unity, truth; yellow is for radiance, mentality, purification; purple relates to vision, command, and healing. Each color is also paired with a chakra, or energy field, within the body. To play the game, one person is designated the sender, and one or more people are receivers (it is recommended to trade these roles from time to time). The sender focuses on a card, centering thoughts energetically on his/her feelings about its color; the receiver strives to “see” the color by communicating mentally with the sender. Quintana states that over time the percentage of rightly matched answers will increase as one’s intuitive powers are exercised. The game can also be played as solitaire.

Quintana’s book not only describes the eponymous game but also helpfully supplies the materials for it. The graphics of the book are inviting, with white print on black pages that make the card colors stand out vibrantly. The cards, with a single color on one side and matching designs on the back, can be easily cut from the book’s heavy pages. Quintana’s text, like her game, is fun yet challenges the participant to play in hopes of becoming more perceptive and creating a deeper connection with the subconscious mind. She provides questions to evoke feelings about each color. Schooled in hypnotherapy, biofeedback, and biogram therapy, Quintana has created her game to be attractive to younger readers as well as adults and urges all of us to play, enjoy, and learn.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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