Spanish Phrasebook for Tourism,
Friendship & Fun in Spain
by Alejandra Pilar de la Maria
and Robert F. Powers Rodnik Publish Co.

"Whether you're vacationing, visiting on business, studying or living in Spain, this is the phrasebook that will give you more of what you need to enjoy tourism, make friends, carry on basic conversations, have fun, cope with day to day living, and even pursue romance."

One of the really nice features about this phrasebook is the way in which the introductory material is written. Each feature of the book is described so you don't have to go searching for a table of symbols used and their meanings within this particular guide. Examples of how the symbols are used are provided, making it very clear what they are and how they are used, and information regarding how to find terms is immediately available. When applicable, common usage is preserved, such as in denoting feminine or masculine forms with an italicized m or f as appropriate.

Unlike many phrasebooks, this one offers alternative phrases, optional embellishments to phrases, and lists terms in more than one place if more than one keyword applies, thus reducing search time. One of the examples offered in the introductory material is the question "Could you show me around the city?" In this case, the seeker for this phrase could type either "city" or "show" into the search bar and find it immediately.

Because the book is available in ebook format, searching takes as little time as it takes the user to type a period and the keyword of the phrase they wish to say. Clicking on search or pressing the enter button immediately scrolls the pages directly to the desired phrase. Another bonus of this format is that it can be downloaded into a smart phone or tablet and be easily accessible when on the move. Because the authors have included more than just the standard tourism phrases, this is a very useful resource regardless of your specific need.

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