Spirit Answers: A Primer to Understanding Spiritual Growth
by Jacqueline McNeil Watts
Balboa Press

"Prayer is useful when one wants to talk to God. Meditation helps one to become God."

A concise book of only 54 pages, this is truly a primer on spirituality as it “gives a basic, very simplified explanation of what we are and of our evolution from human beings to spirit beings.” The book begins with a preface, foreword, acknowledgments section, and dedication before getting into the heart of the topic. The rest of the book is written in a form where the author asks Spirit to answer basic spirituality questions and is given answers to pass on to readers. The first question regarding the question about who or what is Spirit helps to set the tone for the rest of the questions.

While the book focuses on spirituality and not religion, it does have Christian overtones to it and includes a few biblical quotes. In the questions and answers, the author does nice work in explaining terms and beliefs such as the chakra system, the human aura, karma, reincarnation, energy vibration, astrology, prayer, and meditation. These explanations concur with other writers in this field. Likewise, a focus on the evolving consciousness of humans is shown by looking at our difficult political issues, ways to find the “middle path,” and the focus on positive energies. This could be seen as quite valuable to some during these difficult times. In summary, the book meets the criteria the author sets forth as it is a very basic primer which is helpful for people new to the topic of spirituality. It can also be a valuable beginning for those who wish to follow up by reading other work which goes deeper into the subject.

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