"Okay, Plan B. The only problem was I didn’t have a Plan B. I looked around again. Then I looked up."

Stormy Summers is just your average girl in the fifth grade—she gets annoyed by her little brother, and she’s extremely loyal to her friends. Though she dreads the upcoming class field trip to a cultural museum in Phoenix, her grade depends on it; so, she forces herself to go. Stormy reads a lot of detective stories, and so when the unthinkable robbery of an extremely valuable necklace happens right under her nose, she and her friends Gabrielle and Cassie are on the case. As kids, they have to be careful not to get caught by museum security or protective parents, but the trio scours the museum for clues after the police leave. When they discover that the theft was potentially an inside job, the girls unravel a conspiracy that none of them would have initially suspected.

One of the great things about Stormy and her friends is how realistically they’re portrayed. Even when putting themselves at risk, they banter like normal friends and have the kinds of concerns you would expect from younger girls. As the protagonist, Stormy’s love of mysteries makes her the catalyst that moves things along; and even if she tends to be bookish, she isn’t shy or reserved, making her an ideal heroine for young readers. A glossary at the end of the book is also helpful for target readers, introducing them to some new vocabulary that appears throughout the book and which can be used in everyday life. Stormy is a perfect star for a new generation of readers: her love of adventure and ability to solve problems with her intellect and by cooperating with her friends is exactly what children need in a modern role model.

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