"The stories from the past capture our imagination as they model ways for living in the present."

Using “the stories of earth’s first families as told in Genesis” and the teachings of Jesus, this book sets out to explore conflict resolution through a biblical context. Reimer retells these stories with commentary and analysis intended to guide readers toward peaceful resolutions in their personal relationships with family, friends, and neighbors. He makes a strong and fervent case for the relevance of these ancient texts to modern life and draws direct parallels between the lives and choices of people like Cain and Abel and the escalation of violence in our own modern times. Reimer also injects behavioral science, psychology, and philosophy into his biblical-based, conflict management mindset. The results are a multifaceted exploration of the pressing and universal topic of peacemaking.

Reimer’s work as a peace educator is evident in the depth and breadth of information and explanation provided throughout this call to action and reconciliation. His biblical analysis is articulated with clarity and insightful prose accessible to any reader seeking the moral clarity of the Bible. The prose flows like a Sunday sermon from the pulpit, rich in imagery and inspiration. The highly organized structure of each chapter provides a clear path through the content that ranges far and wide through the social sciences but is effectively restrained in its purpose. The reader never feels overwhelmed but rather guided by a gentle hand and kind voice, offering alternatives to cycles of violence and suffering. These alternatives are rooted in stories, the universal language that can be used “to powerfully shape our communities.”

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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