Strathard: Channels of Communication
by Jean Bisbey
AuthorHouse UK

"They respected each other’s beliefs while bearing witness to their own, all to benefit the community."

Emma Robertson is a wonderful teacher with a happy, fulfilled life, yet something is missing—love. Emma’s headmaster Paul has made some passes, yet Paul is married. Although his wife, hospitalized until taken in by her family, is no longer around, in Emma’s Christian eyes Paul is still married and off limits. One day Emma has an unexpected, strange visitor: Sheena Murcheson, the previous owner of Emma’s home. Sheena is there to persuade Emma to take a teaching job at her niece's castle in Strathard and sell Sheena back her childhood home. Emma agrees to visit Strathard where her life will change forever.

Bisbey has intertwined strong characters to engage her readers in a fascinating novel centered around the mysterious ways of Strathard castle where religion and beliefs of every kind live together in harmony, that is until Jenny’s sister-in-law Donna comes to visit. Bisbey opens her reader’s minds to new ways of thinking and shows what reality could be when all of mankind can be accepting of all ways and walks of life. Bisbey also demonstrates how in a time of need and heartbreak individuals must forget their differences and unite, especially family and friends, to help overcome even the most heart-wrenching of situations. The novel is perfectly titled as Emma must find a new channel of communication to express her love for Paul, while Jenny’s family must open channels of communication with Donna after a tragic family event. This novel is enthralling and thought-provoking with the potential to give readers a new outlook on life, love, and religion.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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