Strathard: Face to Face
by Jean Bisbey
AuthorHouse UK

"It was a magic which excited him. It had its castle, its queen, its witch, jester, saint, and sage."

Steve Bruce and Buddy Regan, Steve’s friend and trusted employee, are on a cruise to inspire Steve’s new mystery novel and to help Steve escape his problems. Steve’s wife has just left him and taken their son because of Steve’s drinking. On the cruise, the men meet an enchanting woman named Miranda. As both the men start to get close to her, Miranda talks them into accompanying her to Strathard, her birthplace. Strathard serves to inspire Steve even more in his writing as it is a huge castle filled with people of every belief and background—from Buddhists to Catholic priests, singers, professors, and alchemists. Strathard is known as a haven for anyone who possesses a need for it. Once Steve gets to know Miranda better, he realizes she is not who she claims to be. Miranda is the sister of Jenny Fraser, the beautiful owner of Strathard Castle, and she is not coming for a family reunion—she is coming for revenge.

Does Miranda get her revenge? What does Strathard hold for Steve and Buddy? Bisbey’s readers will be aching to know as each new chapter draws a new light on the bewitching characters’ lives, both past and present. Bisbey has created an enthralling novel by sculpting characters with a wide variety of backgrounds. From Jenny, the gorgeous and rich castle owner, to Miranda, the distraught musician and estranged sister, to Steve, the alcoholic mystery writer—all the characters’ lives will combine at Strathard in troubles, love, self-awareness, and treachery. Bisbey’s novel is hard to put down as these expertly crafted characters unite to create a page-turning, captivating story. Readers will be up late because taking a break is impossible as they will be so mesmerized to know what happens next!

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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