Stronger Every Day
by Rich Gordon
Newman Springs Publishing

"The HYPE has been destructive, like a bomb that has erupted, and the panic leaves us running through the streets and smoke above us."

Raw, unapologetic, and inspired by real life, this collection of poetry puts the reader along for the ride in the author’s journey to hell and back, highlighting the emotional struggle and eventual triumph recovering from drug addiction. Whether providing a personal introspection or highlighting a relationship with another person, the poet gives a real, honest perspective that comes straight from his brain without mincing words or hiding feelings. The general message of these poems is one of hope and, as the title implies, constant self-improvement and betterment.

With experiences that know how bad the bad days can really be, and how good the future can be made, these are poems for people to draw inspiration from while making a connection from audience to author. Immediately, the author’s writing style jumps off the page with infectious cadence, drawing inspiration from slam poetry and hip hop rather than classically arranged verse. Using a clear mind for clever rhymes and the right places to give words some punch, this book is almost better performed than read, using an inner monologue to find the intended rhythm that provides its own emphasis rather than by using atypical vocabulary.

The emotional aspect of these poems, each only a page or two, might stir feelings into readers who have dealt with similar situations but best function to give the author a space to speak his mind and show the world as seen through his eyes. Certainly a more modern poetry book than most, the bouncing and unpredictable rhymes offer up something fresh and fun to read, even as the subject matters oscillates from respectful reflection to joyful optimism.

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