Struth the Bloody Truth
by Iarn Pernell

"What I'm really trying to convey to you, the reader of this small book is that nothing is ever out of place and there is never anything to feel guilt over."

In his presentation regarding astrology, the author’s book consists of 12 chapters and an index. Pernell begins his treatise with a focus on science and his unique view of truth—the truth about life, the universe, and our part in this universal system. On the subject of karma, the book states that there is no such thing as coincidence, holding forth the view that science can prove the existence of an energy which surrounds all of human consciousness and which is in itself human consciousness. The book also explores perceived difficulties with religion and Biblical stories and makes a prediction that on January 13, 2020, the stock market will crash.

The focus at the beginning regarding basic scientific principles helps ground the reader into the author’s take on science and then expands further into astrology. It delves into the Age of Pisces which is ending and expanding into the Age of Aquarius which, in turn, is focused on karma and healing. However, the book looks at karma without the addition of free will or self-responsibility. By doing so, the premise is that there is no good or bad in the world, just karma without culpability for one's behavior.

The author's convictions are forceful and passionate. An easy read on a subject that can be quite difficult, the work leads to an examination of true astrology and not religious beliefs. Because of some demeaning language describing women, the essence of the book may become overlooked. However, the book adds to the knowledge base of astrology, and some of the premises could prove valuable to students of the subject.

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