Success Resurrector: Greatest Self Help Book of All Time
by Dr. A. J. Rolls
Trafford Publishing

"Don’t make excuses like most people. You have to use unfavorable situations and unfavorable circumstances as a reason to do better not worse."

Many people feel like they’re stuck at a dead end in their lives. Maybe it’s in their relationship, career, finances, or even just trying to get in shape. Using his signature techniques, Dr. A.J. Rolls uses this book to reach out and motivate the audience to take control, remove the obstacles they don’t realize are in front of them, and achieve success. Through parables, visualization and affirmation techniques, and stories that are both humorous and tragic, readers will be able to relate to each chapter and discover the ways that they’ve held themselves back with excuses or negative associations. Once those obstructions are taken out of the equation, success is a matter of stating what you want to have, making it a reality, and pursuing it relentlessly, even if there is a significant risk involved.

Dr. A.J. Rolls’ style is extremely personable and engaging, and readers may feel that he is addressing them directly. While this book was obviously written for a wide audience and not a single person, that personal touch is intentional and does come through in a way that is directly motivating. Lessons on acquiring success are broken up by chapter, giving readers detailed instructions on eliminating the negative influences in their lives and leaving only the drive to improve. Dr. A.J. Rolls writes almost as if he is performing his book in front of a live crowd, with an energy and showmanship that jumps off the page and leaves a mark in the reader’s mind. For anybody who wants to move their life forward and be the person that they think they can be, this book will give them plenty to consider and try.

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