Target Aquarius
by Scott Beringer

"What I do know is...a Shaman would state that witnessing and being aware of synchronicities is a sign you are on the right path."

The author begins with the retelling of a late-nineties Target commercial. He claims that this spiritually aware advertisement with its ancient red eye target is full of symbolism to encode a warning regarding mankind’s future. Were the writers and the singer, Petula Clark, aware of what they created? In our age, warfare between the duality of bad and good keeps most humans distracted. He promises clues hidden in plain sight, such as those in numerology, will reveal ancient truths. Only those who perceive the warnings are ready for the next level.

The book unpacks symbolism found in movies such as The Matrix, The Wizard of Oz, Thor, and Disney productions. Like an Ancient Aliens TV theorist, Beringer weaves in pre-civilization artifacts left as evidence. Biblical events contain revelations, such as the wedding at Cana likely being that of Mary Magdalene to Jesus―he being the bridegroom. Gnostic theories mix with a dash of Freemasonry, Kabbalah, and Illuminati mentions. All point toward a transition into a new age.

Beringer knows his target audience. They are other conspiracy buffs, like some readers of the Dan Brown books. Although this book lacks the dramatic pacing of a Dan Brown mystery, it is likewise filled with religious quotes and symbolic explanations. Personal experiences shared in this 375-page memoir/exposé answer the question of who benefits from our civilization’s current delusion. Does the author bombard his readers with so much hidden information in order to separate those who are “near the top of the collective pyramid’ from those casually curious? If Beringer wants to sound an alarm, this book is a strong contender. Four appendices expound basic truths that underpin his insights and wisdom.

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