Tenuous Tendrils
by Tom Corbett

"He had spent his whole life running away, from the law, from his family, from relationships, from human feelings."

Jeremiah Joshua Connelly is retiring from a very lucrative career as an academic professor at British Columbia University. His sister Rachel, an accomplished doctor, along with many friends from Joshua’s past are visiting Joshua in Canada for his retirement ceremony. Joshua has always been a very private person who offsets serious conversation with jokes, which is why very little is actually known about Joshua’s past. Only his closest friends know why he left the United States all those years ago, and now Joshua’s treacherous past is about to be revealed to everyone, even old colleagues. Joshua is going to come face-to-face with feelings he has suppressed for many decades and relive his numerous radical actions from his youth.

Corbett has created a captivating novel set during a time of turmoil in America that many of his readers can identify with, which is what makes this story so intriguing. During the Vietnam War, America was torn with opposition, and Corbett’s main character, Joshua, reflect the actions taken by many young protesters during this time of conflict. Now, after a full and accomplished life, Corbett’s characters come together to compare how their actions as young adults affected their lives as a whole. Just as readers born of this era ponder their own varying opinions on the war, Corbett’s characters also show how diverse their opinions and feelings were during this trying time in America. The book’s title perfectly describes the fine and fragile thread that spirals around each individual Corbett creates until he finally brings these diverse characters of varying religious and social backgrounds together during war-torn America to create an enthralling story that anyone will love to read.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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