"Would he even be allowed to remove anything from this sacred repository, or was it only wisdom that he would be permitted to take?"

Teruf Warwick is a normal boy who goes to school, gets into trouble with his friends, and can’t wait to grow up. One night, he has a dream that shakes him to the very core of his being, one of a peaceful valley disrupted by a bright light and a devastating flash flood. A voice permeates through him and says only two words: "Dream Walker." The next day, Teruf is unable to focus on anything except reliving the dream over and over. Deciding to share the dream with his father, Rubin, Rubin shares with Teruf the history of his family lineage. Dating back to the biblical Noah, the Warwicks are called to use magical abilities to keep the world safe from evil machinations and maintain harmony with both God and nature.

As just a young boy, the weight of what Teruf is called to do as the culmination of an ancient prophecy threatens to crush him. However, with the support of his parents who have full knowledge of what is expected of him, and of his friends with whom he must keep this new part of his life a secret, Teruf accepts these grave responsibilities. Using his dreams to determine his course and as a warning for dangers to come, Teruf must face his fears and seek out a kinship with ancient tribes and holy places to attune to his powers and his destiny. While his journey is only just beginning, dragons threaten to emerge from his dreams and put an early end to Teruf’s quest.

Rooted in and inspired by the prophecies surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar, this story is perhaps best described as a young adult fantasy, but there are some unique elements in play that allow this book to stand on its own. Much of Teruf’s journey in this first installment involves camping and backpacking, encountering ancient tribes throughout the Americas, and getting in touch with the land’s native roots. There is also a sense of deep spiritual symbolism in Teruf’s dreams that intersect the space between all of the world’s belief systems to find universal meaning. The familiar story of a boy having to mature early due to a revelation of a destiny roots the story in a familiar narrative structure that readers will fall right in line with.

The principal cast of characters is fairly restrained for an adventure that promises to span each continent of the globe, but that creates a sense of intimacy and allows the reader a chance to grow into knowing every player in the tale. The duality of storytelling details delineates the real and the dream worlds but also creates a pleasant contrast once those two worlds begin to blur and cross over. Not content to simply regurgitate and blend creation myths and mythologies of cultures, there is plenty of inventive storytelling on display by Foster as he weaves a tale that incorporates those familiar elements while striking out entirely on its own. Readers of any age will fall right into Teruf’s journey and eagerly await his next adventure.

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