The Alien Veil
by Philip Altman
Xlibris UK

"The station had become attached to a spaceship! What was this all about, he wondered, and what would happen next?"

Following up on the author’s previous book, 2056: Meltdown: The Lost Rule of Law, the 21st century’s approaching end sees the UK and the US still dealing with a justice system crippled by greed and corruption. Supreme International Court Judges Henry and Tom are getting older. Their sons, Robert and John, are eager to follow in their fathers’ footsteps. As they make their way through law school, an invitation to the Prime Minister’s residence leads to the formation of a secret group dedicated to stamping out bribery and persuasion that lead to reduced or removed sentences for criminal defenders. Criminal information broker Viktor still has his tendrils in the government and seeks to undermine this initiative, even as contact with an alien race is made and the safety of Earth is compromised.

The author’s law career provides both a wealth of knowledge of the court system and certainly some personal insights as to its vulnerabilities and failings, making this book part spy thriller, part science fiction, and part policy suggestions. The content is varied in genre but stays cohesive, written in a style that highlights simultaneous narrative developments and dialogue between the book’s vibrant characters. The story is able to tackle each of its major conflicts in time, but the web that its antagonists weave results in a compound crisis that requires all of the available resources and attention to tackle. This raising of the stakes gives readers a focus and a clear side to root for, while also raising concerns and musings about the current state of affairs and where it might lead if left unaddressed. This exciting story with real-world implications and sci-fi technology will keep readers thinking until the next release in the series.

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