The Antidote: To The T-Rump Show
by Dr. Blackman
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"Never in the history of the world has it been more important to find a pathway to healing."

In a satirical alternate universe, a fascist dictator seeks to displace and wall off indigenous populations. His sons abuse power. He abuses power. The people must rise up and reclaim their native land, identity, and form of government. If this setup sounds familiar, it’s supposed to. These plot points are thinly veiled political criticism from an aggressive narrative that is part manifesto, part political satire, and part the desperate plea of a voice enraged and called to write in response to the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

What reads like a stream-of-consciousness diatribe can at times challenge the natural order of dissertation. Yet fueling the word salad is passion so intense that the author’s urgency and intensity speak for themselves. This is not polite social commentary; the book is a frantic, full-throttle call to action via an onslaught of content meant to agitate readers and motivate action.

Certainly, the real President Trump serves in a time of noted political partisanship, which arguably paved the way for his election and has likely deteriorated during his presidency. For many who follow politics, emotions do run high, and this author’s work exemplifies a degree of agitation not uncommon in current times. The book’s core argument that President Trump is dangerous in a consequential and enduring way is hardly unique; indeed, contributors to the 24-hour news cycle parrot similar observations round the daily broadcast clock. What is utterly original here, however, is the frenetic presentation of exaggerated shockwaves and shock words designed to showcase in an unforgettable framework the degree to which the author perceives corruption, immorality, and peril in the current president of the United States of America.

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