"Honey - 1 cup
- 1 cup light agave syrup/nectar
- 1 cup Coconut Nectar
- 1 cup rice-based nectar, such as Just Like Honey"

In today’s culinary world, any group meal is bound to feed someone with food allergies, a specialty diet, or just a preference against certain ingredients. Or maybe you have found a new recipe, the prep begins, and then suddenly you realize you’re missing an important ingredient in the pantry. Perhaps even the item in question is out of season or unavailable in your area. This book aims to solve such problems by providing a comprehensive, A-to-Z resource for quick reference to substitute virtually any ingredient needed in cooking with something else, either in a pinch or if your dinner plans include people with dietary restrictions. With more than 500 pages of suggestions, this aims to be the only book you need when it comes to food substitutions.

The first word that comes to mind with this book is comprehensive, as it covers so much ground and in a direct, no-nonsense fashion. With complete focus, this book allows readers to look up an ingredient alphabetically in a matter of seconds and come away with one or more alternatives to cooking with something processed, regional, or even expensive. Unlike a cookbook which can be a bad fit due to specific tastes or intimidating for those not used to preparing unfamiliar meals, this is a straightforward resource, helpful to anybody ever spending time in the kitchen, and an indispensable and universal guide. From the exotic to the ordinary, it’s hard to think of a more helpful, useful culinary handbook that applies to every part of the world, every walk of life, and almost every situation you could find yourself in where a substitution becomes necessary.

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