The First Trumpet
by Brian Wilson
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"As Adam reached into the pocket of the second body a revolver butt smashed across the back of his head. He fell limp to the floor."

Not knowing who to trust is a familiar theme in spy thrillers. Not knowing what is real, what is a dream, and what is prophecy give CIA operative Adam Brown a lot more to worry about. Wilson’s new novel finds agent Brown having to work under a new boss and with an agent named Debbie who hails from the intrusive FBI. He finds himself trying to unravel a bombing while attempting to protect a target of assassination, although who is targeted is also uncertain. In addition, the future is beginning to eerily parallel biblical prophecy, and Adam may have inadvertently been given a clear look into that future. If so, he will soon find himself in a post-apocalyptic world where the powerful have gone underground, and the rest of the population is fighting for survival among religious powers who are seeking to restore their own versions of order.

Wilson’s novel is a fast-paced thriller with several twists and shady characters, all of which leaves the reader wondering who is trustworthy and who is getting played. Although there are times when the dialogue between characters or an individual character's internal dialogue feels contrived and explanatory, the book is still a quick read and will occupy the audience’s attention. Interweaving the plot with biblical prophecy about the end times and the seven trumpets from the Book of Revelation which announce apocalyptic events, this novel will be particularly engaging to those interested in biblical lore or fans of books about secrets and myths such as Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

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