The Kremlin Wolf
by Ron Gordon

"The western powers need reminding of our power not just here, but beyond, to strike fear wherever we choose, and with devastating effect, as New York 9/11."

The plan is to raise money from Muslims worldwide and then use these funds to create an act of terror even bigger than the World Trade Center on 9/11. Anje Mueller, a member of the German Armed Forces, is abducted by the Taliban and transported to Mogadishu, where he is then mutilated by Sharia physicians. Techy Baker is a computer science genius, who, upon graduation, is immediately recruited by the Stonegroup from Omaha, Nebraska. These two characters become the unlikely heroes of this fast-moving military novel.

There is a lot going on in this high-intensity, action-packed drama. Settings change from country to country—and vary by military to military—after each chapter. The story revolves around an intricate cyber worm implanted into military computers. Stakes are high for the Western world as the terrorists will stop at nothing to spread their fanatical, extreme Islamic beliefs. The point of view changes often and shifts from insurgents, terrorists, and military leaders, among others. Edward Snowden’s WikiLeaks is referred to throughout the book, as well as other present-day, real-life confrontations and situations. The author never downplays or sugar coats the brutal conflicts happening every day in the Middle East, whether known by the average Western civilian or not. The pace of the story is extremely fast, and readers will be quickly swept up in this rapid military drama. Dialogue is light, leaving more pages to be spent on the unraveling plot. Full of suspense and danger, which lurks around every corner, the book is an intense read. It should be especially appealing to those in the Armed Forces.

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