"’We’re SEALs. We fight the war that others can’t. We give freedom back, we save the day. We, Jesse, are the answer to many prayers.’"

Former Navy SEAL turned Montana bar owner Jesse Buck is back in this sequel. Now happily committed to his soon-to-be wife Rachael, the pair, along with a collection of former seals, agents, and new friends must defend themselves and their property while taking on a daring mission and considering renewed roles as government assets working deep undercover.

The characters in this series have a lot of names, and they address each other in a rotating pattern of agent code names, first names, last names, and endearments. At first, it’s easy to confuse the many characters banding together to live their undercover, off-grid, crimefighting lives. But once the identities start to gel, the fractured nomenclature works to reflect the dual and dueling identities each character balances. Yes, they are or have been government assets. They are also friends and lovers, husbands and wives, children of missing or dead parents, victims of abuse, and more. Behind the perceived glamour of their uniquely skilled and situated lives is the sobering truth that their sort of sacrifice for country can include loss of one’s primary familial and societal roles.

To compensate, Jesse and his cohort bond in the way of a makeshift urban family. They are each other’s companions, protectors, and partners. Each risks life and limb for the others, and it is because of their solidarity that they are selected to perform a daring mission for which solo agents would be unsuited. Still, for a guy who has worked so hard to leave his active status days behind, Jesse is one busy operative. Judging by the success and momentum of this latest outing, he and his team likely have more missions ahead. That bar back in Eureka might have to wait a little longer for its proprietor’s return.

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