The Light From The Dark Side of the Moon: A Novel
by Norman G. Gautreau
Blank Slate Press

"She then cradles the violin in her lap and nods to me, and together we sing the first line as she waves the bow to the beat: We’ll meet again…"

It’s time for the celebration of the 70th observance of D-Day, and Henry Budge is eager to go. The 92-year-old World War II veteran leaves his rehab hospital to make his way to France, despite what his family has to say about it. He hopes to be able to confront the demons of his past before he passes away and relish in the memories of his long-lost love, Elodie, as he is unable to forget this one true love of his life. During his time in France, he reminisces on what his life was like in 1944—from landing in Normandy, helping rescue a group of children, and falling in love with Elodie. What will happen to Henry when he comes to discover the truth about what actually happened during his time? Will this taint his memories forever, or will this new knowledge bring him the closure he’s yearned so many years for?

In this beautifully told story of war, heartache, and love, the tale of Henry Budge shines. Gautreau stands out in his ability to make the reader feel as if they knew Henry up close and personally, as well as feeling like they are there in the war alongside him. The narrative switches effortlessly between the present day and Henry’s memories of his time during the war. It gives readers equal amounts of light, with Henry fondly remembering the quieter moments with Elodie, as well as an equal amount of darkness, as he relives some of the horrors he endured. It will bring both tears and laughter and will have readers hoping Henry is able to find what he is looking for.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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