"You will find ways also to create your own combinations to suit your own taste."

Conductor Marlin Wolfe, the founding artistic director of the Vancouver Island Symphony, is also known for his prowess in the kitchen. He has created and served more than 45 five-course meals in order to raise funds for various orchestras throughout his illustrious musical career. Now he shares his culinary expertise in this collection of recipes culled from years of honing his skills as a gourmet chef.

The book is divided into 12 color-coded sections that house offerings such as appetizers, meat dishes, seafood, pasta, side dishes, and desserts. Recipes include both easy and more involved dishes with tips on preparation and serving. Each section’s first page displays photos of some of its included dishes. Recipes are as varied as Moroccan Seared Pork Tenderloin with Red Grape Couscous to the four-ingredient Wolfe’s Pork Spare Ribs. Some are complex, such as the one for a chocolate soufflé; others, like the one for an apple cake, are relatively simple.

Wolfe stated in the 2007 article “A Gourmet Feast of Music” by Rosemary Phillips that “Planning is very important when you are doing a program. I try to entice the listener, much like the diner at your table, to the next thing on the menu, the next piece of music, and I always like to finish with a good finale.” This cookbook is the ultimate fruition of Wolfe’s quote. He has given readers the necessary pieces to orchestrate a culinary masterpiece. There’s plenty from which to choose for those who already know their way around the kitchen, but even the novice cook can create a sensation with the easy-to-follow recipes included in this unique cookbook.

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