"If a student doesn’t like school or answers in the negative at such questions, this doesn’t mean a disorder is present, let alone ADHD."

Educators are required to not only teach children about academic subjects but are in many ways responsible for their emotional and psychological upbringing in a means not unlike a biological parent. This book outlines various conditions or circumstances that can be detrimental or can create challenges for children in the social and learning environment of a traditional school system. From autism spectrum disorders to being raised by parents who are divorced or abusive, each chapter of this book examines a particular shortcoming or challenge that educators will certainly experience in some fashion during their career.

With useful references to helpful texts and videos, teachers and parents can learn more about what their children may be experiencing and how to give them all they need to feel supported and confident to succeed in their learning and social development. The subtitle of this book also directly refers to the structure of each chapter. After identifying the issue that serves as the subject covered in a chapter, the author discusses the current diagnosis, treatment, and research that has been done, and then how teachers and educators can apply that knowledge directly to the students in their classroom or school. Another helpful touch is the inclusion of not just a bibliography of written sources, but also relevant online videos from YouTube, designed to be watched in between chapters to help expand on the material in greater detail. All of this combines to create a manual that is comprehensive and ought to be required reading for any educator but is also easy to access and navigate when a specific situation arises.

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