"You will see the wonderful name of Christ on almost every page of this book, if not all."

The author fervently believes that the element of mystery needs to be emphasized in all Christian teachings of whatever denomination. He defines his terms thus: “mystery” appears in the Bible referencing the inexplicably miraculous birth, terrible but redemptive death, and marvelous resurrection of Christ Jesus; “mission” is a later, non-Biblical term for Christians sent to spread the gospel, but also applying to Christ Jesus who was sent as the first “missionary” by God the Father to make the love of God comprehensible and accessible to His created beings.

Examining the Bible (primarily the New Testament) in almost microscopic detail, the author demonstrates how and why Christ is the embodiment of God’s plan. He also cites some mystical observations of his own, including the “motif of six.” In various books of the Bible, the sixth verse announces certain key events, like the fall of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:6) and the disappearance of Christ’s earthly body from the tomb (Mark 16:6 and Matthew 28:6).

Alfred, who has higher degrees in theology and is active in the Baptist Union of Great Britain, has organized his book well, using quotations from the Bible and other theologians along with bulleted points and lists as needed to emphasize his assertions. To be a Christian, Alfred insists, one must confirm one’s belief in the virgin birth, the resurrection, and other mysteries. He states that he wrote this book “out of necessity” and in response to an inner spiritual calling and hopes it may serve a high purpose. His scholarship and confident use of language show erudition and a gratifying respect for the precise meanings of religious terms, giving his work credibility. His book should be studied by anyone seeking a view of Christianity that is both devout and intellectually stimulating.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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