"Many prominent authorities agree that historical research has added convincing support to the biblical account of history."

Living in a world that is progressively modernizing with technology and advancements in science has left people still feeling unfulfilled and wondering what the meaning of life is. With all of science’s accomplishments, it has still failed to answer that one all-important question. In this thorough examination of society, the author proposes that the answer is already well-known and widely distributed, just increasingly ignored in today’s world. Adopting a scientific, evidence-based approach, the case is made for considering the Bible as the roadmap to a life lived with meaning and purpose, offering fulfillment and satisfaction for those who do. From the origin of life itself to the landscape of modern media moguls and talking heads, readers will see the reason to support the Bible as the answer to questions about science and social behaviors that are not easily answered otherwise.

Separating itself from other literary peers through its approach, this book appeals to the skeptic or the undecided by citing its argument clearly and using cited sources as reinforcement to its points. Taking a faith-based subject and approaching it the way a scientific journal would lead to a more compelling and well-considered point, proving more convincing to a reader that might be on the fence. Drawing from a wide array of expert scientists, historians, and philosophers, the various quotes and anecdotes on the science behind the theory of evolution and the study of DNA give the reader a complete picture of the topic before the author makes his argument using further support from biblical history. Taking a message that is getting lost in the rapidly progressive Western world and making it relevant to solving a serious concern for everybody, this book is thoughtful and comprehensive in its approach, giving its audience much to think about.

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