The Olympus Deception
by Richard Ronc

"The memory temporarily took the fight out of him before he shook it off and brought himself back to the present."

Dishonorably discharged soldier, Vincent Peterson, is set on finding out the truth behind why he was publicly disgraced and forbidden from serving his country over four years ago. Enter Athena, a woman cloaked in mystery with the promise of the answers he desperately needs and a payout of twenty-five grand for a simple job. What transpires next will have an FBI agent and an off the books agency working together to help bring an end to the mayhem, but will they succeed in their endeavor? Kidnapping, Russian intrigue, and danger bring this plot to a boil, and the mission ahead will take Peterson deeper than he’s ever encountered.

Ronc’s narrative style is to the point with only a few occurrences of hyperbole. While the book can benefit from further editing, its fast-paced storyline and descriptions of military situations feel authentic in most areas. A number of characters come across as life-like. The author has certainly mastered the elements of military prowess, which is integrated well into the book, through compelling action scenes and appropriate drama. After joining the Australian Defense Force at age seventeen and later becoming a witness to Victoria's Black Saturday bush-fire disaster, Ronc can be considered an authority on both the military and human drama In the end, it’s a story that will captivate many.

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