The Paths of Destiny
by Lilian Nirupa

"The Jyotishian, or expert in understanding the signs, following specific instructions of the sages stored in many thousands of rules, will use them to depict an interpretation of the person's whole life by creating a Jyotish reading."

Astrology—the belief that planets and other heavenly bodies can influence our lives—is considered by some to be a science which, properly understood and utilized, can provide practical guidance. Author Lilian Nirupa, practitioner of the Vedic astrological system called Jyotish ("light of God"), is a Christian who here expresses her conviction that Jyotish, while grounded in Eastern (Hindu) religion, can also benefit those who follow other spiritual paths. Her book is a basic explication of the Jyotish system, suitable for someone new to both astrology and Vedic teachings. She provides astrological charts and other diagrams to illustrate the many "thousands of rules" mentioned above. What makes her book stand out is her use of the Jyotish charts of famous people to demonstrate the principles of the system. The people whose charts she presents for analysis include Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler, Barbra Streisand, Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi. Consideration of the very different destinies of each of these well-known figures affords a glimpse of the subtleties of Jyotish, its arcane terminology. and at times its remarkable accuracy.

Nirupa became fascinated by Jyotish after meeting a recognized specialist, Chakrapani, astrologer to noted spiritual master Muktananda. Chakrapani made startling predictions about Nirupa's life that came true just as he had foretold. Her book offers an engaging appreciation of ancient Eastern techniques for self-help and life planning while stressing the kinship of all religions. Though the charts of famous people reproduced for illustration are rather difficult to decipher, their stories as conveyed by the author offer a vibrant channel to understanding the broad principles of Jyotish. Nirupa’s unique, accepting view of the time-honored traditions of Jyotish could set new travelers on a mystical path to re-order their lives and chart their destiny.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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