The Ploy
by Marilyn Jax
Beaver's Pond Press

"Claire sobbed until her tears ran dry. 'I want the truth,' she declared with a renewed boldness. 'I need to know how it happened and who did it.'"

This installment of the ongoing Caswell & Lombard mystery series begins on a high and dives quickly into a low. The high is the marriage of Claire and Guy, the longtime private investigative partners. The low is the death of Claire’s best friend. It’s a death initially thought to be accidental, but when one discovery leads to another, it quickly turns into a murder investigation.

This time the case is definitely personal as the Miami sleuths commit themselves to finding out what caused Claire’s friend to lose control of her new Porsche Cayenne, crash into a restaurant, and be catapulted through her own windshield. They’re just beginning their investigation when Claire gets an urgent request from her mother to look into some potentially shady goings on with her mom’s recently widowed neighbor. They assign their young law student intern to take the lead on that front, but before you know it, the two cases are not only crisscrossing one another, they’re actually beginning to look like they just might be connected

Author Jax moves her twin tales along at a brisk pace. She also interweaves them well, giving readers just enough clues to whet their appetites for the next chapter’s revelations. Her detailing of specific police procedures adds credibility to unfolding events, and her characters actually think, act, and talk like real human beings. Jax is a confident storyteller at home in her milieu. Mystery fans will find a lot to like as they join Caswell & Lombard in uncovering The Ploy.

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