The Power and the Fear
by Banilda Mares

"...if we want a better life and future...[w]e are the ones who have to make the difference in ourselves first and then in others."

People today are ruled by two forceful motivators: power and fear. Those with stronger personalities have learned that power—domination, authority―protects them by manipulating others. Those less strong-willed can be controlled by fear―even terror―inherent from their personalities or provoked by someone else. Both power and fear are bad motivators. Parents may contribute initially to these responses adopted by their children without meaning to do so. Who advises parents how to do better? With God’s help, the author broke through her own generational cycle by speaking aloud positive words. She repeatedly proclaimed herself a “winner, victorious and warrior.” Her daughter is learning from this mother’s example.

The author explains about “Brain Lock,” a chemical that stays in the mind. This chemical perpetuates negative feelings including bitterness, victimhood, and excuses. Brain lock will lead a person to cling to a selfish worldview... unless treated with faith in God.

The author’s strong faith is evident in her conviction that God has called her to serve by providing the ability to write this book. Confirmation of her call came when Mares turned forty. It is evident that the author wishes to help her Latino culture, which has become “full of excuses and myths and doubts,” and for it to stop using these to cover failure. Instead, she feels Latinos should be proud to have heroes who overcame and accomplished much in life. The author’s call to write is also manifested when twice she mentions that a topic only touched on is a subject for another book. Her readers can expect to hear much more from this passionate author.

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