The Priest and Me
by Charles Mohl

"The convent is most upset over all this business with you and are not sure what discipline will be sought by the Mother Superior here at the convent."

Following the lives of a young airman named Raymond Neiman, who will turn a near-death experience with the Luftwaffe into a career as a priest, and the narrator, who will become the priest’s close friend, this concise tale takes the reader through adventures the pair have together. Their friendship began over drinks and a discussion of religion, and the narrator immediately knew Father Ray was going to be someone he would like to have in his life. The pair take a cruise to the Bahamas, and, while visiting a busy night club on Nassau Island, they are asked by the waiter if they would mind having two nuns join their table. Although aware of the vows nuns take, our young narrator is smitten with Sister Meagan and can’t help but dance with her and slip her his number when the evening ends. This is the beginning of a romance against the Church’s rules and which will lead to complications and severe mental distress.

Mohl’s short narrative reads like a personal memoir dedicated to the friendship with Father Ray and the difficult courtship and eventual marriage to Miss Meagan. Some additional editing would assist the prose’s effectiveness. However, the author is clearly writing about subjects meaningful to him and enjoys sharing his story. The unlikely romance with Sister Meagan and, in the face of this, the support and discourse given by Father Ray make for an interesting tale. Those interested in reading about the extraordinary things that happen in the seemingly ordinary lives of others, or those who have wondered what might happen if you fell in love with someone who has decided to take a vow of chastity and dedicated their life to the church, may engage well with this story.

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