"With all the emotional mistakes women make with men, the good news is men are idiots when it comes to women."

A woman often makes the wrong moves to win the man of her choice. Debut author Ramsey is convinced that many times a woman gives herself to a man based on purely superficial trappings: a man buys her a nice dinner or has a new car or the appearance of wealth seeming to indicate long-term security. In fact, the male is a hunter; “that’s what men do.” They purposely acquire possessions—clothing, cars, jobs, bank accounts—that attract women. What women must do, Ramsey asserts, is realize their true power, their “magic,” and assert themselves as leaders, not followers, in relationships. Women know men better than men know themselves, and men will always need them. Women’s emotions, which can seem like a weakness, can actually be their strength. The best thing a woman can do is to love herself. Her self-respect will encourage the men in her life to treat her appropriately.

Ramsey states that his wish to support women stems from his own love and respect for his mother. His approach to his subject matter is appealing, sometimes bordering on wisdom, and at other times injecting humor. He knows the male mindset well and is unafraid to describe it, always reminding women to discover and use their powers to the best effect. He proactively reaches out to women who feel trapped in the dilemma of wanting a good man but somehow always attracting bad ones. The book is loosely organized with noticeable repetitions. Nonetheless, some women may find relevance in this opportunity to explore this insider’s view of the male psyche and make useful changes based on the author’s counsel.

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