The Republic: Traitor
by R. R. Quaggiato

"He ended the meeting with his characteristic note of sadness. 'Please keep us up to date with any new developments; the White House will always be open."

America has seen better days as it faces rampant rioting, a biological attack on Congress, growing unease among the public, and the threat of imminent terrorist attacks—both from overseas and from the home turf. The new President, Clayton Prescott III, has his work cut out for him. With the help of his closest advisers and cabinet, he has to figure out how to rebuild the US or watch his beloved nation burn to the ground. As the threats mount, Prescott must deal with pressure from the media and unease among his own staff.

This entrancing political think piece deconstructs the issues America is facing in modern times, then tackles them all one by one through the lens of the people in power. Nothing is left untouched here. The book provides commentary on issues like the power of the media, gun control, privacy (and lack thereof), banks, terrorism, fear of foreigners, and much more. There's also a strong emphasis on the manipulation and dissemination of information and the power you have when you gain control over it. No current event is safe at the hands of the author, who places the country under a microscope then uses the different points of view of the president and his entourage to take a critical look at it. Surprisingly for this topic, the book doesn't actively push an agenda; it isn't always clear if the president's actions are condoned or condemned, and different points of view are given a voice at all times.

The fate of the entire nation is at stake. Will President Prescott rebuild a functioning democracy, or will his actions lead to the end of America as he knows it? This is a must-read for anyone who's worried about the state of the world today.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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