"Time present and time past are both present in time future. Time future is contained in time past."

Best friends Sebastian and Dominic have no clue that a mysterious crop circle will take them from their modern New Zealand home to ancient Egypt. Once there, Pharaoh Akhenaten is dead, and Tutankhaten is next in line to rule, but the royal prince is missing. When Egyptian soldiers find a bewildered Sebastian in the desert, they mistake him for prince Tutankhaten. On the other hand, Dominic winds up with a tribe of traveling Nubian warriors. Heavy lifting is scheduled for the pair of boys lost in time. They must find each other, a way to return home, and the real Tutankhaten or else a royal dynasty will fall into the wrong hands.

The Rise of the Boy King is a fast-paced fantasy journey. Author A.K. Solimov executes the promised action within a loose story structure. While heavily in tune with Sebastian and Dominic in the ancient world, the concerns of their families in the modern world are known only in brief at the beginning and end of the story. Meanwhile, the book’s historical aspects make it an attractive read. Solimov introduces readers to Akhenaten, the Nubians, the Hittites, and general life in ancient Egypt with concerted authenticity. The author takes notes of an interesting pseudoscientific theory regarding pyramid power plants, illuminating the ancient technology of Egypt’s past.

This is a fun, time-traveling experience fit for young adult readers. It's perfect for those who love historical fiction combined with a little fantasy flair.


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