"But what happened was when I held on to the world and got friendlier with the world of sin, God was not even in my heart and mind anymore."

In this study guide, Apostle Antonia challenges readers to take a five-day journey with Jesus. She believes this commitment is one that none should pass up, ignore, or quit. In five years you become what you begin to do now. Why the date of 2020? The author predicts that the dark and evil days which are here now will increase more as God figuratively shakes this earth. She believes the five-day journey will raise up a spiritual temple within believers.

The first chapter explains how to start the journey: go to a private place, near water if possible; pick one day of the week when you can be alone for one to two hours; then practice hearing the small voice that God uses to instruct His followers. In daily chapters, we learn many other things: guilt makes strange bedfellows; love is power and the key to relationships; our lives are meant to be a living sacrifice before God and for others; we can renew our minds by thinking about heaven and letting God’s Spirit reprogram our thoughts. In this journey, you may need to observe how your self-image was formed in youth. Apostle Antonia cautions against being alone and to look backward for relevant truth that was hidden.

Apostle Antonia gives her readers a passionate reason for pursuing the holy life. She helpfully provides lined pages for recording the reader’s prayers and truths discovered. Daily chapters end with useful sidebars such as “Something to Think About” and “The Goal Heading Into 2020.” The author acknowledges taking the thoughts of Dr. Michael L. McCann (a deceased minister she met and admired) and making them into her first book, and over forty references in this 91-page guide are McCann quotes. Her book could prove to be a timely resource for spiritual seekers.

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