The Socerer's Mask
by Harriet Wilson

"Everything you need to reach your final destination is buried here, within these walls. Remember, my son, nothing is what it seems."

In his third adventure surrounding Glad wick Hall, Professor Nathan Glad wick races through the sea in a submarine, chased by Kazan, a man with a grudge so strong against Glad wick he's raised the dangerous pirate Eli Bones and his ship from the dead. Nathan must find the Sorcerer's Mask, but by the end he has a new enemy from within the ranks. Furthermore, he faces losing Glad wick Hall to a couple of scheming solicitors (attorneys, for you Americans). Things look dire for Nathan Gladwick, but his trusty housekeeper Rose and his cat, Cleopatra, are sure to see him through his trials.

The Sorcerer's Mask is definitely worth the read, although many details of dress and mannerisms are sprinkled throughout the story, constantly reminding us where and when the story takes place. More backstory and less chasing slows down the pace. Meanwhile, the story has all the ingredients and flavor of a fantasy novel of the nineteenth century, complete with secret societies and hidden jewels. Wilson does a nice job of setting the tone with tea, housekeeping staff, and a picturesque view of Nathan Glad wick's study, with its strongly lit fires and obvious comfort. It's easy for the reader to imagine the estate of Glad wick Hall. It's easy to imagine a ghost pirate ship and the ghost at the helm. It's easy to picture Kazan, Glad wick's antagonist, and Nathan Glad wick himself. Rose, Nathan Glad wick's loyal housekeeper, complements him well as a sidekick. And the reader will want Glad wick to outwit his adversaries.

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