The Strength of the Nation
by Luisa Mirella Plancher
Greenberry Publishing

"In the Kingdom of God, the rich become richer and the poor and sick become rich and healthy."

The author has created a religion-based fantasy of an ideal America that leads the world in religion. Divided into 33 “episodes,” the book depicts visits to the author by the Angel of the Lord. In the early episodes, the Angel transports Plancher to various locations: the homes of the rich, the slums of the poor, areas of the earth devastated by natural disasters, US military bases, a hospital, and a jail. In observing each scenario, the Angel demonstrates that though each is important to our national character, they do not represent the true “strength” of the United States which lies, the Angel repeatedly asserts, in the country’s opportunities for newcomers and especially its reverence for YAHWEH, the Old Testament God. Through worship and the nation’s openness to people of many faiths, a new era can dawn. Enjoying the support and freedom of American values, American Jews—the descendants of Isaac—will reconcile themselves with their roots in Abraham and his two sons. They will acknowledge their error in rejecting Yeshua (the Hebrew name for Jesus). Then, American Muslims, also able to explore their religious heritage as descendants of Abraham in the safe atmosphere of a free nation, will realize that the Quran’s injunction to oppose Judaism can be lifted. That process of repentance and forgiveness will spread throughout the world—led by the United States.

Plancher believes that America’s current leader, Donald Trump, with his call to “make America great again,” is well placed to bring on this era of transformation—an era with the potential to produce new religious understanding and eventual worldwide acceptance of Yeshua. Therefore, the author has staged the second portion of the book as imagined visits with political leaders, including Donald Trump and his family. She demonstrates that many of Trump’s policies, such as building a border wall (to allow us to “regroup”) are part of this great, universal plan explained by the Angel. The scenarios in this segment also include dropping in on Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, and the President of Iran.

Plancher’s book is large and brightly colorful, almost like a children’s story, with photographs and drawings to illustrate the concepts highlighted in her narrative. Though she clearly has a conviction that President Trump represents a positive force for America, she is careful to express sincere tolerance and fairness. For example, she implores people on both ends of the political spectrum to drop certain tired arguments, even suggesting that Trump should apologize for questioning his predecessor’s place of birth and that Obama should be given credit for his healthcare initiative. Since her fascinating treatise is couched as a fantasy story, she never deviates from her “vision” of the Angel of the Lord and his wisdom for the world. She credits numerous current evangelists and broadcasting outlets for their work in the worldwide promulgation of the Christian message. The interactions Plancher has constructed between the Angel and herself are refreshing and, at times, gently amusing, balancing naïve human curiosity with the heavenly visitor’s prophetic revelations. Her look at the world situation through the medium of angelic teachings is bold, engaging, and inventive.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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