"A preschool teacher hiccups. A child said to her, 'You have the hookups. I'm always getting the hookups.'"

This concise collection of children’s sayings reflects the innocent sweetness and funny insights of pre-school-age kids as they correspond with their teachers and parents. Certain excerpts compel the reader to explore the interesting nuances of language. For instance, one child means to say “alligator” but instead refers to the animal as “allegory.” In another passage, a child refers to “hiccups” as “hookups.” “Figure” as a noun is mistaken for “figure” the verb, and in another, the season “fall” is mistaken for the verb “fall.”

A teacher is a prevalent character in many of the sayings, so the reader may wonder if the author is an educator. The relationship between a teacher and a preschooler is described as playful and fun, as in a story where they tease each other. The defiance and exertion of independence is a common theme in some of the stories, like when the daughter says to her father, “Don’t call me Shorty. I have a name.” The author induces the sentimentality of the reader in stories such as the one in which a father shows his daughter that the grass is growing, and she proclaims it a miracle.

The Christian viewpoint of the author is revealed by several references to Jesus and Savior throughout the stories. “Jesus loves the little children, red, yellow, black and white” in one story shows the inclusive values of the kids and teacher. When a child misbehaves, one classmate says, “Teacher, he has sinned.” Another boy says, “Jesus, he is the light of the world.” Cricket is referred to as one of God’s creatures. Readers will enjoy experiencing the wide-eyed innocence and frankness of small children in this light read.

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