Thoughts, Poetry and Reflections
by Ruth Ruger

"If you see someone
Make a mistake
Don’t criticize them
Teach them"

Precisely as the title suggests, this author’s debut provides short nuggets of wisdom and perspective that reflect the way she sees life. Each selection focuses on topics such as self-confidence, faith, prayer, family, and perseverance during difficult times. Most of these poems last for a page or two, but toward the end of the collection, the prolonged “Independence” stands out uniquely. Spanning 35 pages, this single chapter spans more than half of the collection and is itself a collection of smaller blurbs with a central theme on improving one’s self and finding guiding principles to live a happy and stable life. Regardless of length, the fourteen selected musings of the author combine to create an uplifting body of work designed to connect with and inspire its readers.

The organization of these thoughts combined with their brief length is perfect for readers to consult for daily inspiration or an idea to guide their approach to the day. Many of the poems are accompanied by works of art, also created by the author, that provide added comprehension or capture the mood of the selection to follow. The formatting favors meter and tempo rather than rigid structure and rhyming, though there are rhyming poems contained within, as well. This creates a clear understanding with the reader that, more than anything, the message is the most important part of the author’s display. The length of each selection, as well as the book itself, make it perfect for a read with morning coffee to start the day or for consulting as needed for a pick-me-up in a minute or so.

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