"Act, achieve, hide, sob, recoup. It was her technique for survival..."

Attractive and witty Mia Elyse of the Rythanian Space Fleet is in a prison cell with little memory of how she arrived there. Elyse finds out she is the enemy of the state after a battle and will be in prison until her hearing in 20 years. She falls asleep, a werewolf bites her, and she encounters a band of allies. One of these allies, Locke, tells her that only the powerful will pass the test that Elyse is about to endure. A journey then begins that includes battles, love affairs, magic, tests of friendship and loyalty, questionable enemies, monsters, war, adventure, and the dead being brought to life. In a shocking story twist at the end of the book, Elyse is forced to make a choice that will impact her friends, lover, and future forever.

Woodland skillfully builds up the story to share the three important themes of the book as he lists the reasons the wolf leads Elyse to her final destination. First, the theme of humility and the discovery of the true self of a character are evident in Elyse’s journey to gradually accept her considerable powers throughout the book. The importance of help from others is the next theme, revealed by the intense training the characters go through to learn the skills of fighting, magic, and love. Finally, the author presents the ultimate test of Elyse’s power and character in the rescue mission of Le’Arn at the close of the book. But the last page is far from the end of the story as the author deftly sets up the sequel in the series by leaving the reader curious about Elyse’s next adventure.

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