To Thine Be the Glory
by Angela D. Martin
AuthorHouse UK

"I am at this moment in time the most blessed woman on earth."

A deeply convinced Christian has composed her life story to illustrate how it is possible to know little about the church or God but with only a rudimentary understanding to reach a place of deep, abiding faith. The daughter of hard-working Jamaican immigrants, Angela D. Martin was born and raised in England. Her parents were primarily concerned with providing their children with an economically stable existence. They sent the children to Sunday school, but they themselves did not attend church on any regular basis, that is until later years. However, Angela knows they did their best to raise her well within their understanding. She went to university and attained a Bachelor's degree and a Masters degree, but relationships with men proved a stumbling block, leading her to major disappointments. During this period of her life, she was drawn to the Bible, but never for very long. However, her interest grew when she reached a point of personal desperation and turned, surrendered, to God for comfort.

After much dedicated Bible study, Angela started her own Christian outreach, Vine Ministry UK, in 2015. Her book is a helpful guide for others who might feel, as she once did, that they have lost their connection to the solace of the Bible and Christian teaching. Throughout the book, she often quotes from scripture, citing both Old and New Testaments as sources of wisdom to enhance her points. The three truths she concludes with will speak to the hearts of her readers: love God with all your heart and mind, keep your body pure, and settle quarrels before taking sacred communion. The author’s sincerity and her respect for the Bible shine through in the narrative. She candidly reveals her own flaws and victories, offering them as signposts of spiritual hope to her readers.

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