"In fact, a silent reign of terror was descending on Germany that would remain in place for twelve years."

World War II Germany is often demonized, painted in black and white terms as a nation that threw the entire world into war and mercilessly killed millions. However, reality is rarely so clear-cut. This book is an attempt to show Germany as more nuanced by closely examining the rise of the German resistance against Hitler and the people behind it. This well-researched work follows the people who saw a darkness descending and decided to do something about it. In this record of Hitler's Germany, we see the nation through the eyes of various members of the resistance who faced persecution and certain death to try and put a stop to a leader they felt should not be in power. It dispels the illusion of a nation of helpless pawns; in fact, there was a network of people who did their best to rid the country of the dictatorial leader through any means necessary, and who nearly succeeded more than once.

Despite being a record of history, this book is written engagingly and is very approachable, bringing history to life and adding vibrant color to the drab, monochromatic depiction often portrayed in textbooks. It generally does not outright condemn nor condone the actions of the resistance or the individuals associated with it. Instead, it poses the question for us to answer ourselves: Were the people who rose up against Hitler patriots (acting for the good of the nation) or traitors (would-be assassins of a nation's leader)? This text examines the fine line between right and wrong and uncovers the complex politics and human nature that led to the rise—and prevented the takedown—of Nazi Germany.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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