The Turner E.A.G.L.E. Technique
for Incarnation Centered Spirituality
by Rev. Lee W. Turner, Th.D. Trafford Publishing

"Your temptations in life are necessary, if there is to be a struggle for your self-development. For without the struggle, there can be neither growth nor victory."

There are a lot of self-help books on the market as well as a lot of books that deal with living a Christian life. But this book, written by an African-American for African-Americans ties in the words of Negro Spirituals with modern life and Christianity. This book is intended for the younger generation, ages 15 to 35, to help them find their way in a world filled with injustice. Negro Spirituals arose out of the evils of slavery. Through all the physical, social, and political oppression, slaves still believed in God, Jesus Christ, and the "promised land."

The spiritual, "Mary Had a Baby," is about the birth of Jesus and the Christmas story. The image of the Baby Jesus shows that new birth is possible even when against a backdrop of slavery. How does this apply to today? It is a way of rediscovering God, getting in touch with one's surroundings, or embracing a lost harmony someone once had with life. This is the first step of the author's five steps to becoming a spiritually whole person—Embrace, Affect, Generate, Life, Enlighten (E.A.G.L.E.).

This book is well-written from both a historical aspect and one of easy-to-follow guidance. Each chapter starts out with the text of one Spiritual. Throughout the chapter, he goes into the history, imagery, Scripture passages, modern-day relevance, and how to use this lesson on a personal level. Even though Rev. This book helps African-Americans reconnect with the spirituality of their ancestors, although anyone who is interested in the history of Negro Spirituals or insight into Christian living in today's world would find this book interesting.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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