Twin River IV: C U When U Get There
by Michael Fields

"When I’m here with you, pleasure and pain mix together. Pain somehow disappears. I feel happy."

After three books filled with horror, suspense, and action, the fourth and final installment of the Twin River series arrives with its foot pushing the gas pedal all the way to the floor. The resurrected Cain Towers and his uncle Abel continue their quest for vengeance in the harsh landscape of Death Valley. War veteran and school janitor Gene Brooks returns to thwart the sinister intentions of the Towers family, this time with the help of newcomers Stanley Banks, a student with strange links to the Coso tribe, and Niles Wilson, football star and estranged twin to the resurrected Cain. Tensions and stakes rise to their limits as the classic showdown of good versus evil is waged and the long legacy of brutality and menace cultivated by the Towers twins comes to a climactic close.

Entwined with pop culture references both direct and implied, this is a book as entertaining as any suspense movie. There is always a stark contrast at work between good and evil, as well as the physical and the metaphysical. Those who have followed the series since its beginning will finally get the closure of a tale well told while those who may be newer readers will hurry to catch up with the older books in order to have their questions answered. With bloody, violent imagery from even the start of the book, younger or more squeamish readers may be put off by the acts taken particularly by Cain and Abel, but looking beyond the gore reveals a gripping, fascinating story with characters that are easy to cheer for and a book that is hard to put down.

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