Two Roses
by Mazen Kharboutli
AuthorHouse UK

"I will never return to New York as long as I live, Daniel told himself, little knowing what life had in store."

Daniel Bouchard has been alone most of his life. The ones he loved most in the world were taken away from him at an early age, forcing him to bury his emotions deep to keep his broken heart hidden from the world. Fast forward in his life, and Daniel has been accepted to a prestigious university in exciting New York. He decides to leave the little family he has left in Paris to start a new chapter in his life. He begins to struggle with questions about love and sorrow until he meets a young woman named Greta who changes his life forever.

For a brief period, Daniel is able to find the happiness he’d always yearned for. But when Greta suddenly leaves him without a word, Daniel is completely dumbfounded. He searches for over two decades to find the answer to what happened, unable to find what happened to his lost love. He tries to move on with his life, moving onto new relationships, even getting married and having children of his own. Through a series of incredible circumstance, will Daniel get the answers he’s been searching so long for?

In a book full of drama, love, and life, Kharboutli paints a picture a lot of readers can relate to. This emotionally charged novel doesn’t shy away from the stages of love and loss. In Daniel, the author successfully develops a protagonist of complicated emotions who comes across as identifiable and believable. This novel tells a poignant story about the sting of a broken heart and the pain of moving on without closure. It’s one that will leave readers yearning for that happy ending for Daniel and holding onto their seats in anticipation for how things turn out for him and his family.

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