by Eric Artisan
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"There is only one emotion that keeps him living, that gets him up and out of bed each day. And that is hate."

Clay Nehman wakes each morning to find himself in a different time and place than the previous day with no recollection of what has occurred to bring him to the current moment. The days begin with confusion and disbelief at the man he has become, but one consistent memory haunts his thoughts regardless of the spanning years. What happened to his high school girlfriend, Charlene? Fueled by emotions to unravel the mystery that has left his life void of her presence, Clay quickly discovers that each day is designed for the revenge he innately seeks against the man that shattered his future. In his desperate quest to understand the physical transformations he is incurring, he embarks on a transcendental journey that brings him to a harrowing conclusion and a reality he cannot escape.

The consequence of our choices is the primary theme of this psychological thriller that investigates the human experience and metaphysical phenomena. Through an intricately woven timeline, the author leads the reader into an inquisitive story of multiple dimensions and probable realities where destiny is not predetermined. Exploring how our conscious and unconscious selves connect to create an understanding of time, the author knowledgeably crafts a tale of regret and redemption. The complexities of memory and our desire for scientific theories to explain our existence propel the plot, outlining vastly different futures based on past decisions. Expanding across a variety of genres, including science fiction, spiritual development, and mystery, this novel encompasses an array of subjects to appeal to a diverse readership. The continual shift between years sets a quick pace for the story, creating a heightened suspense that concludes with an unexpected resolution.

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