Vice and Virtue: A Poetic Celebration of Fun
by Paul Kloschinsky
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"I’d like to take a hammer
to the sanctimonious.
The cackling crows,
with their pious preaching
and puritanism."

True to its namesake, the author of this collection of poems reflects on the duality of his nature as a reverent observer of the sanctity of the world both material and spiritual while also prone to baser behaviors of satisfaction. The perspective that comes from this position with a foot on each side of the fence is one that admires and marvels at nature, finds peace of the soul in solitude, lives with hope. Yet, on the other side of that coin, he also sneers at those who put themselves in holier-than-thou positions and cast judgment, goes looking for happiness and companionship in smoky bars at night, and finds troubling thoughts in his own mind. Each poem sees the world in a different way and will have the reader relating in ways that they may consider to be either positive or negative.

The language and the overall focus of these poems create pieces that are visually compelling, bringing scenes and imagery to life routinely. That activity is aided by vibrant, glossy, full-color artwork that occupies the left side of each open page of this book. Using original artwork, photography, and compositing, both verse and illustration combine to transport the reader to a place where they can imagine every detail coming to life around them. The poet does not mince words about how he feels about certain topics, which the reader may agree or disagree on, but most of his time is spent examining himself in a way that isn’t either hypercritical or effusive with praise. Truly modern and easy to relate to, this collection of poetry may not present lovers holding hands and roses blooming in gardens, but it does serve to show that kindred spirits are always out there through the good times and the bad.

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